Claudine Ricart

Born in 1952
Neuilly sur Seine
Claudine Ricart

1968-1972Studies at the "arts appliqués de Paris"
1972-1973Studies at the "Beaux Arts de Paris" and learns the profession of teacher
1973-1975Painter at Montmartre
1975-1978Drawing teacher
1978-1981Models creation for a touristic and artistic reproductions society
1981-1997Creation of a touristic and artistic reproductions society
1996-1997Student at the courses of sculptor François Cacheux
1998-1999Watercolors and drawinsg at "la Grande Chaumière"
1999-2000Follows scuplture courses in a Montmartre workshop
1999-2002Opening of a gallery in Montmartre : "Atelier 16, rue Chappe"
en 2000Exhibition at Egly (Yvelines)
First price of Sculpture at Ste Gemmes (Maine et Loire)
en 2001Shares her time between Paris and Angers
First Price of Sculpture at Saumur (Maine et Loire)
en 2002Personnal Exhibition at the "Vert Galant" in Paris
Exhibition at the "Godeline" in Angers
Permanent exhibition at the "art comparaison" gallery in la Baule and in Carnac
Exhibition at the "Tatiana Tournemine" gallery in Paris

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